Level 2 Industrial Labs is a product development, invention, and fabrication company located at Pier 17 on the San Francisco waterfront. We are fanatics of industrial design, engineering and building businesses around physical product innovations. For over 25 years we have remained dedicated to the intimate way products are designed and built. In those years we have gained substantial knowledge in material science, manufacturing, business & technology. We have created a production environment dedicated to mastering the complex process of turning ideas into reality. Each year we tackle a broad range of projects and it is that commitment to project diversity that has allowed us to develop such a specialized facility and skill-set. Our industrial lab in historic Pier 17 on the San Francisco waterfront is at ground zero of the technology revolution and is the ultimate playground of invention.



The reality of good product development starts with a strong due diligence process. For us that means a deep dive on existing IP, the addressable market and also understanding who the user of the technology is and if the product ultimately helps anyone. From there we move it into a development phase which requires constant evaluation from design, engineering, and fabrication teams. Level 2 is unique in that we have incorporated all of these disciplines under one roof. Being vertically integrated means we are involved in every step of the process and have to produce the most efficient systems to maintain the profitability of our ventures. The minute we start working on a product we are designing it to be the most efficient and sustainable possible. We have a saying here, “We make the things that make the things.” In other words, we invent things by often inventing both the materials and the processes to build those things.

Over the last two decades we have worked with some of the largest corporations on earth but it is not just corporations seeking our help; as inventors with a great fabrication lab we are approached every day for advice from entrepreneurs, universities and other inventors. This means we are exposed to some of the most creative and cutting edge ideas earlier than most VCs would be exposed to them. We are expanding to take advantage of this with our own hardware and clean technology early stage fund. Not only are we investing in these new ideas but we are helping start-ups navigate the world of running a physical product based business. This includes lab services, IP creation, and introduction to investors and other accelerators.




In tandem with our extensive materials library we work with the latest design software to match modern feel with in depth 3D models. Our industrial design is managed in such a way that seamlessly transfers direct to engineering, eliminating the need to re-draw files which often becomes the case when sending renderings out of house.


Our team sources materials from all over the world. Many times our inventions come from the very knowledge of the material and its process for production. When we can’t find the material we are looking for we try to create it ourselves. As an L2 client you can reference and draw inspiration from this extensive materials library.


L2 houses everything under one roof including intellectual property attorneys. We can help inventors and corporate clients navigate a suitable IP strategy from simple “freedom to operate” issues to a comprehensive patent and trademark approach for product launch. This also means we understand due diligence and what it takes for an idea to truly be feasible and ultimately profitable. We turn away ideas all the time that don’t pass this test.


With 15,000 sq ft of advanced manufacturing equipment we’re able to create just about anything. Over the past decade we have produced hundreds of projects for both individual as well as corporate clients. Most everything is under NDA so unfortunately we can’t show it off here.


We all have endless ideas of matching software technology with physical products and the bay area is awash with endless talent in the IOT space but what everyone glances over is not the “Internet” part but the “Thing” part. That is where we come in. Not only do we have an incredible staff for the software part of this equation, but our “Thing” department is what is probably the most valuable and hardest to master. Our hat goes off to all other Hardware incubators helping start-ups navigate this world because it certainly is not easy.


In the past ten years Cleantech as been for the most part passed on by venture capital and for good reason. Moving forward we strongly believe moons are aligning for a massive global shift into clean technologies. We have concentrated in this arena for nearly two decades and are ready to make a major impact in the space moving forward. This time the moons are aligned with the correct material science, technology, sensors and software to truly make an impact…. and this time a profitable impact as well.


Level 2 Industries Clients



Now more than ever our planet needs our help. Level 2 is launching a new Cleantech Accelerator in the coming months. Our accelerator model is based on leveraging our industrial lab to help start-ups further develop their physical technologies. We feel we can bring incredible value to the companies we invest in. If you are a start-up with physical product ideas in Cleantech and social causes, please contact us to see if there might be a good fit for us to invest and help you. For those interested in investing in clean technology or sponsoring the effort please contact us as well.


As one of San Francisco’s most vertically integrated product design companies our unique infrastructure allows us to design, prototype and launch new product ideas much faster than other incubators. We want to hear from passionate inventors and entrepreneurs ready to make the world a better place. We understand technology, material science, business and what it takes to succeed. Contact us today, we can help.

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