Level 2 Industries is a vertically integrated product development company that matches early stage product ideas with resources and capital to bring innovative physical products to market. We envision a world where products and structures are built, used and recycled in a way that has more meaning and value including their impact on society and the environment.

Our approach to products is holistic and considers every step of production from “Napkin Sketch” to “Mass Production.” From the minute we receive even the vaguest concept of a product idea we are already value engineering the product to be the most efficient and sustainable possible. That means we invent products by sometimes inventing both the materials and processes to build those products. As we are vertically integrated and involved in every step of the process we must by default produce highly efficient systems to maintain our own profitability as well as that of our clients. The reality of product development requires constant evaluation from design, engineering, and fabrication teams working together. Unlike most design firms or “idea” companies, Level 2 has the ability to incorporate all of these disciplines under one roof. We can take ideas from concepts all the way to handling mass production and distribution from within our own domestic facilities.


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