Our team consists of award winning industrial designers who understand form, function and user experience. Combined with an extensive materials library we work with the latest design software to match modern feel with in depth 3D models. Most all our industrial design is done in a way that transfers to engineering seamlessly eliminating re-drawing files which is common when trying to send renderings out of house.


At Level 2 we have everything under one roof including intellectual property and patent attorneys. We can help inventors and corporate clients navigate a suitable IP strategy for product ideas from simple “freedom to operate” all the way to a comprehensive patent and trademark approach for product launch.


For over two decades our team polymer scientist and engineers have been scouring the globe sourcing materials from all sorts of industries. In that time we have amassed an extensive library of materials to build products from. Many times our inventions come from the very knowledge of the material and its process for production. When we can’t find the material we are looking for we usually create it ourselves.


Our 18,000 sq foot R&D Lab at Pier 17 in San Francisco has some of the most state of the art manufacturing equipment imaginable. Think of it as an emergency room for your ideas, and when an idea comes in we act quickly to design a solution and get a working prototype in hand sometimes within hours. Effective translation of a napkin sketch idea to working prototype requires experience both in computer design and hands-on fabrication, we interact with both of these daily.


rom the minute we receive even the vaguest concept of a product idea we are already value engineering the product to be the most efficient and sustainable possible. That means we invent products by sometimes inventing both the materials and processes to build those products. As we are vertically integrated and involved in every step of the process we must by default produce highly efficient systems to maintain our own profitability.


Our team has been marketing and selling products in many consumer categories for decades. Our ad agency side of our business can help both corporate clients and individual inventors. We have help the largest retailers in the world deploy game changing experiences, visual merchandising as well as new innovative products. Our award winning agency work includes work for the largest and most famous clients. We have also helped the smallest of inventors quickly launch new products to market. We can help individual inventors with product design, brand strategy, production of crowd-funding videos, manufacturing and distribution.

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